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Dexter Thomas Jr


I make TV on HBO about race, culture, and subculture. I know a lot about video games, Japan, rap music, and any combination of the above. Currently working on a book on Japanese hip-hop culture.

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Vice News

Meet the black comedian who has become Japan's most unlikely star

Ike got into Japanese comedy completely by accident. Raised near Seattle, the Nigerian-American had always intended to go into computer science, having taught himself programming while in elementary school.

Fifa 17 the journey alex hunter article
Vice News

People are mad they have to play a black character in FIFA 17

You can choose your team, and you can choose your position, but you can’t choose your race. Your character is black.

After san bernardino school shooting calls to local womens shelter double body image 1492109373 article

After San Bernardino School Shooting, Calls to Local Women's Shelter Double

Immediately after the news broke, the phones at Option House, the only women's shelter in San Bernardino, started ringing.

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Vice News

Facebook tracks your “ethnic affinity” — unless you're white

Facebook never asks you about your race, but depending on what you do on the platform, it may assign you something it calls an “ethnic affinity.” Unless, of course, you're white.

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Los Angeles Times

Jesse Williams says black lives matter — we break down why his BET speech matters

A fully annotated transcript of Jesse Williams' speech.

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Los Angeles Times

The Japanese pro wrestler who almost got Muhammad Ali's leg amputated

If you’ve never heard of the fight that almost got one of Muhammad Ali’s legs amputated, it doesn’t mean that you’re a bad sports fan. It probably just means that you’re not Japanese.

La 1465615089 snap photo article
Los Angeles Times

Why the new Steph Curry 2s are the perfect basketball shoe

If you’ve ever seen the 1968 Disney film “The Love Bug,” then you should appreciate the Steph Curry 2 Low shoes.

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Los Angeles Times

A solution to tech's lingering diversity problem? Try thinking about ketchup

If you haven’t heard it yet, the “ketchup question” is a thought experiment that’s become something of a meme in some corners of the tech community.

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Los Angeles Times

"Inshallah" is not a crime, so let's all learn some Arabic

Literally translated, it’s “God willing.” Not exactly scary, unless you harbor some deep-seated resentment toward The Clipse’s first album (in which case, we cannot be friends).

La prince purplerain 20160421 article

Prince, Michael Jackson, and James Brown on stage together was a moment we didn't deserve

I’m getting real sick of these phone calls. When James Brown died, I went back to my apartment, took a deep breath, and called my father.

La 2451796 me 0204 black history month walker 1 a 20160218 article
Los Angeles Times

The Silicon Valley entrepreneur moving black-hair products out of the "ethnic" aisle

This is probably the blackest this backstage room at the Dolby Theater is going to be for a while. Granted, there are only two black people in the room — me and a 30-year-old guy named Tristan Walker.

La et ms kanye west wre0037060338 20150726 article
Los Angeles Times

While other pop stars make albums, Kanye is making entertainment software

You will never again own a new album by Kanye West. But if it makes you feel better, you can rent his software.

La when kanye west asked george bush if black  001 article
Los Angeles Times

When Kanye West told George Bush that Black Lives Matter

Ten years ago, Kanye West publicly accused George W. Bush of thinking that Black Lives Didn’t Matter.

La berniesoblack trends as voters argue over b 001 article
Los Angeles Times

#BernieSoBlack trends as Twitter users debate Netroots Nation protests

Black Twitter was calling Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders “black” on Sunday, and it’s not because of his civil rights pedigree.

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National Public Radio

The Secret History Of Black Baseball Players In Japan

In the fall of 1936, a 24-year-old black baseball player from rural Louisiana stepped off a boat in Tokyo.